If you follow RMTO on Facebook you would have seen our post last year on 44% of retail workers experiencing verbal and physical abuse at the hands of shoppers.

The Medical Journal of Australia has found that Doctors have increasingly become the target of written, verbal and physical abuse, often from patients relatives and carers.

The study revealed that 70.6% of doctors experienced verbal or written aggression, and just under a third had experienced physical aggression from patients, patients’ carers and relatives, colleagues or other people outside the workplace.

WorkCover Queensland Customer services manager Jacinta Draper agrees with the study and believes that workplace aggression is a worldwide concern that has been linked to impaired physical and mental health.

“Doctors and other health industry workers are exposed to physical and verbal aggression in the workplace given the nature and location of the work they do, the types of clients, business hours, and staffing levels,” said Ms Draper.

“They are regularly dealing with patients who may have physiological imbalances or disturbances, be suffering from acute and chronic mental health conditions, or are simply distressed or frustrated with their situation,

“Put all of these factors together, and it’s easy to see how impaired physical and mental health is an issue for employers in the health industry.”

When it comes to managing the effects of workplace aggression, employers need to be dependent on input from their workers to help identify and address stressors at work.

“Employers will see clear benefits from communicating with, and involving employees in the risk identification process,” said Ms Draper.

RMTO has purposely built courses to suit the needs of the Australian workforce. Our Dealing with Aggressive People concentrates on dealing with people who show unacceptably aggressive behaviour for all work forces.


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