Safe Work Environment for Welding

The Model Code of Practice has laid out clear processes for workplaces that incorporate welding into their business activities. The Code of Practice for Welding Processes in approved under section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act (the Act). Why is a Code of Practice important? The Codes of Practice is a practical guide

Guide to Managing Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous Chemicals How to manage the Work Health and Safety (WHS) risks associated with hazardous chemicals is a relevant topic for almost every workplace and industry in Australia. It is important to remain active on safe cleanup procedures of bio spills and the effective storage, handling, use, and disposal of hazardous chemicals. Hazardous Chemicals are defined under

Guide to Workplace Bullying

Health in the Workplace "Health" is defined in the WHS Act as both an employees Physical and Psychological Health. Psychological health is a complex area and can be experienced in all types of workplaces. The reasons workers experience stress to their psychological health varies, the most common reason is because of Workplace Bullying. Workplace Bullying, like all Work

A Comparison-of-work-related-injuries-shiftworkers-and-non-shiftworkers

SafeWork Australia have released a report into work related injuries for both shift and non shift workers. The data showed that the injury rate for shiftworkers was significantly higher than the injury rate of non-shiftworkers. In fact Shiftworkers injury rate was more than twice that of non-shiftworkers. Shiftworkers with significantly higher injury rates work as labourers, technicians and

Welcome to the Risk Management Training Organisation

[dt_sc_h2]Work Health and Safety e-Learning Training Courses[/dt_sc_h2] [dt_sc_h3]Why is WHS necessary? [/dt_sc_h3] Safe Work Australia compiles statistical data and reports on work-related injuries in Australia. The last survey conducted has put a value in excess of $60 billion on the cost associated with such injuries. With over 100,000 Workers Compensation claims in the last year, not including injuries