About Us: Helping Us to Maintain Safer Workplaces

Risk Management Training Organisation is an Australian e-learning provider for safety and security in any workplace. Our practical short courses reflect Work and Occupational Heath and Safety (WHS/OHS) legislation, Australian Standards and Codes of Practice and are highly relevant for staff training and contractor management. Our suite of Work Health and Safety training courses has been developed by a well-qualified and highly experienced team of professionals, who have each spent more than 20 years in implementing WHS roles and regulations. Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws and earlier Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws apply throughout the Australian States and Territories. The Risk Management Training Organisation (RMTO) are here to assist you in providing information, instruction, and training to all Employers, Workers, Contractors and others.

The courses vary from users with limited WHS/OHS experience to refresher courses for experienced WHS/OHS professionals. They have been created to model legislation, Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, and Industry best practice. Our Courses keep your organisation up to date on risks, hazards and procedures of the modern day work places. Demonstrate commitment to meeting work place health and safety requirements by exercising due diligence and conduct training today.


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