Frequently Asked Questions

Course wont open?2017-07-07T12:29:11+11:00

When you launch a training program the course opens in a new window that pops up. It is unlikely but you may need to disable the pop up window blocker in your internet browser of choice.

Are there any browser related issues I should know about?2017-07-07T12:29:15+11:00

Yes, our Learner Management System (The web site where you do the training) works best if you use the following common internet browsers and versions:

Google Chrome version 11+, Firefox version 4+, Safari 5+, Internet Explorer 10+.

What happens if I am considered not yet competent in the quiz?2017-07-07T12:23:49+11:00

You are free to repeat the quiz until you have achieved the 80% pass mark to be considered competent.

How many times can I take the course and quiz?2017-07-07T12:20:51+11:00

You can complete the course twice in total. You can have multiple attempts at the quiz though access to both the course and the quiz expires one calendar month after your first enrolment in the course.

What if I am interrupted while doing the training course?2017-07-07T12:19:08+11:00

Each course will remember your location and give you the option to resume where you left off. You can pause, navigate and re-start the training program and/or the quiz at any time. Additionally you can choose to start the program again from the beginning.

Typically how long does each module of training and the quiz take to complete?2017-07-07T12:13:42+11:00

While each module is different it should typically take you no more than 30 minutes to complete the training module and the associated on-line quiz.

How long do I have to complete the on-line training I have ordered?2017-07-07T11:57:30+11:00

The training needs to be completed within one calendar month of your first enrolment in the course.

How can I pay for the courses?2017-07-07T11:54:40+11:00

For individuals, course fees can be paid by Visa or MasterCard through PayPal®.

For organisations, an invoice will be generated at the end of each month, with provision for BPay, EFT or Credit Card payment.

When do I pay for courses?2017-07-07T11:52:32+11:00

For individuals, Courses must be paid for via our PayPal portal prior to commencing each course. For organisations, we have two options for access. We can administer training for you in conjunction with a nominated person on our eLearning portal or we can provide you with a private learning management system (LMS) where includes your company branding, full Administration rights, oversight of user access and unlimited access for your users to courses of your choosing. The personalised website can be fully adjusted to suit your needs and requirements. Both options involve a monthly licence fee, with course prices significantly reduced, the private LMS option involves a small set up fee.

For More Information

How do I enrol as a student at the RMTO and access the courses?2017-07-07T11:45:24+11:00

Individuals can enroll on our web site at www.rmto.com.au please browse the courses that interest you and then add that course or courses to your shopping cart. Once your payment is made you gain instant access to courses and quiz’s.

Organisations can Contact us regarding the training requirements for your organisation and we can work with you to find the right solution. For more information read about our services.


How do I know that the course content is right for me?2017-07-07T11:38:20+11:00

If your enquiry is as an individual the course content summaries are available on the individual course pages. Each and every course has been created by health and safety experts, well experienced and qualified in occupational and work health and safety.

If your enquiry is on behalf of an organisation, we may enrol you in identified courses for you to experience the high quality of presentation and content.

By doing this training do I receive a formal qualification?2017-07-07T11:39:38+11:00

No, we are not a Registered Training Organisation. We offer non-accredited training to a very high standard and at an affordable price. A personalised Certificate of Achievement is available to download and print off once the course is complete and you have passed the quiz.

Below is advice received from the Australian Skills Quality Authority –

“Non-accredited training which meets enterprise, educational, legislative or community needs is achieved through non-nationally recognised training. Non-accredited courses do not carry national recognition and there is no requirement for those delivering this type of training to be registered.  ASQA does not regulate organisations delivering non accredited training and is unable to provide advice on non-accredited training.

Do I need to have a course VET accredited?

  No, training to meet industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community needs can be achieved through:

  • non-accredited training, or
  • a selection of training package units identified as a skill set, or
  • a non-award course listed on CRICOS.

An organisation wanting to deliver a skill set or non-award course would need to satisfy other delivery requirements.”

In the above section of the ASQA website, which we discussed on the phone, in this context, ASQA advises that Skill Sets refer to Nationally Recognised Training, and that non-award courses refers to English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS), therefore the “other delivery requirements” do not apply to non-accredited training.

What sort of training can I expect at the Risk Management Training Organisation?2017-07-07T11:26:34+11:00

We are all about improving safety in your workplace by providing a range of on-line training programs to help you stay safe at work. The training focuses on how you can reduce your risk of illness and injury at work.